What Are the Common Security Systems?

What Are the Common Security Systems?

Every business needs different types of security systems. An all-round security solutions company such as EPM UAE has efficient systems in place to guarantee excellent service. They will have an integrated security masterplan that puts all systems under one roof, enhancing results with minimum chaos. Some of the most sought-after security systems include the following:


Cameras used are high-quality models made to capture pictures in challenging environments. These can be low to zero light areas. They come in high-definition, standard and megapixel categories. These cameras are built to withstand corrosive damage. They’re reliable and resistant towards extreme heat.

UPS Systems

Unified physical security solutions cover all security systems under one umbrella of protection through this unified system. From CCTV cameras to fire alarms, nearly every security system is linked to a central system that monitors and controls actions. This comes with a high-quality visual display system that displays real-time imagery. This is beneficial in detecting thefts.

Access Control System (ACS)

A world-class ACS mechanism delivers a solid wall of support. Key features include biometric identification, face recognition service and 3D fingerprint analysis. Combining these three elements provides an all-round shell of security.

Alarm System

These state-of-the-art alarm machines integrate with other security systems to give an all-round protection against robbery or theft. They can seamlessly merge with fire alarms, cameras and other protective machines. These systems come in modern, cutting-edge designs that look classy.

Fire Alarm System

These systems are reliable and trustworthy. Their precision, accountability and accuracy make them different. They are mostly installed at warehouses, offices, homes, school and retail stores. Swift mechanism allows accurate detection of damage in advance. They are easy to install, dismantle and manage.

Uninterruptible Power Supply (Ups)

This high-quality product can be installed at medical institutions, healthcare organizations, telecom sites, medical institutes, data centers, construction sites and government establishments. These cutting-edge power units accompanied high-class UPS. This UPS solution provides reliable service.

X-Ray Machines

X-ray machines detect narcotics with ease. Mobile screening is effective at custom sites, entertainment venues and sporting events. They are beneficial in detecting hidden goods. Lastly inspection scanners can verify contents in travel bags, laptop bags and purses.

GPS Systems

These high-value systems are wonderful to install at ATM sites. In cases of theft or robbery of cash or units at the ATM, this mechanism automatically sends a message to the concerned operator. They can then use the systems in-built mechanism to effectively track the object. This technology is suited for real-time object identification.

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