Six-hand Massage Techniques

Six-hand Massage Techniques

Next, let’s talk about massage therapy on different areas of the spinal column. The main thing to know: the impact should be carried out at a distance of three to ten cm on the right and left side of the spinal column. The movements should be directed upwards from the lower back to the beginning of the hair.

Massage of The Lumbosacral Spine

The greatest load is imposed exactly on the lumbosacral spine, it is almost never relaxed. That’s why in order to eliminate the strong and frequent pain in this area, the specialist must pay special attention to its treatment.

First the muscles of the buttocks must be kneaded, and only then begin to work on the problem area. Stroking movements warm up the muscles in the pelvic area. Squeezing, kneading, shaking and stroking again – all the movements are alternated. Repeat two, three times.

In the next stage the massage is squeezing and the masseur moves his fingers, made into a fist, along the spine. Finally, to soothe the tissues, stroking and shaking is done.

Neck Massage With Your Own Hands

Cervico-thoracic Massage

The neck is the most unprotected part of the human body, because it has a large number of channels with nerves and blood vessels. Therefore, massage has an excellent effect in getting rid of the restriction of neck movement.

The techniques used in this type of massage are kneading, stroking, shaking, squeezing and rubbing. The right and left areas of the spine, reflexogenic zones and places of spinal cord roots deserve special attention.

You should start massaging from the healthy side, in other words from the opposite side to that in which there is pain. The back and neck muscles should be in a state of complete relaxation – this is very important. The Dubai massage spa can be performed both in a sitting and lying position.

Neck Massage With Your Own Hands

You can massage the cervical spine yourself at home. It is not long – less than 15 minutes. Sitting – you need to move from the fourth vertebra of the sternum to the beginning of the hair.

In self-massage the same movements are used as in the classic cervical massage. You can make movements with two palms simultaneously or only one. All actions must be correct and careful. It is better to see a doctor if you are not successful. This will reduce the risk of self-injury.


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