Cat Hairball Remedy

Tips to Treat Feline Hairballs at Home

Hairballs occur when cats groom themselves. They are natural and happen to every cat. They can get frustrating and it can be upsetting to see your cat going through the gagging from trying to get rid of one. There are things you can do to counter hairballs in cats. Make sure you talk to your veterinarian before trying out these cat hairball remedies. There’s a variety of things you can try to help stop your cat from experiencing hairballs altogether.

Brush Their Hair

Brushing your cat every day can help limit hairballs since they are caused by shedding of hair. The shedding hair usually forms the hairball so brushing it away can come a long way in helping your cat prevent hairballs. Brush the hair every day, especially if your cat has long hair.

Wipe Away Loose Hair

After grooming your cat, make use of wet wipes to wipe off any excess hair. That said, you need to ensure to use non-fragrant wipes to prevent them from developing an allergic reaction.

Olive Oil

Use olive oil in their diet as it aids in digestion and also ensures they pass hairball naturally. You can give your cat about a teaspoon of olive oil every week to help achieve this.


If you don’t have olive oil in your pantry, you can replace it with butter, which has the same effect. You can melt butter and put it over your cat’s food to allow it to pass the hairball naturally in the stool.


Another way to help them get rid of this problem naturally is by treating them to their favorite food. Tinned fish products such as tune would be ideal as some of them contain a lot of oil. It further helps them pass the hairball in a more natural manner.

In Conclusion

Try these remedies to help your cat stop hairballs and all the annoying things that follow. You can also try increasing fiber intake for your cats’ meals to aid in digestion and to ensure the hairballs are released from your cats through stool. The best way to help stop hairballs is by combing loose hair from the cat and shedding them off. However, if your cat already has a hairball, you can help pass it through their diet. Talking to your vet can also help as there are usually vet supplies for clinic that help with issues like hairballs.

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