Hot Stone Massage Myths

Hot Stone Massage Myths

At exhibitions, presentations, conferences sometimes we hear statements that are not only false, but also dangerous. Here are some of them.

“You can only massage the back surface of the body with stones”. In our opinion, it is not only possible but necessary to massage the anterior surface of the thighs, the abdomen and the decollete with stones. It is only necessary to use less pressure, a gentler temperature and a physiological direction of movement.

“Massage with hot stones will relieve pain during an attack of kidney stone disease”. Any acute illness as well as exacerbation of chronic disease is a contraindication for stone therapy. Massaging with both hot and cold stones is inadmissible in urolithiasis, even in remission, as it may cause stones to move through the urinary tract.

“Applying a hot stone will help with inflammation of the joints”. It is not recommended to work on the affected joints with hot stones, it is better to use cold stones, which reduce swelling, hyperemia and pain syndrome.

“Stone therapy will help with colds”. Dangerous mistake, because the stone therapy procedure can provoke a worsening of the condition with the beginning of a fever. Fever of any origin is an absolute contraindication for stone therapy.

“A hot stone will help with a runny nose”. Any heating increases blood circulation, causes hyperemia and swelling in the treated area, so the heating of the sinuses with a runny nose – “a stick about two ends”: on the one hand, you can improve the condition, on the other – dramatically worsen the patency of the nasal passages. If there is exudate in the maxillary sinuses, heating is categorically contraindicated. With purulent maxillary sinuses it can lead to severe edema, an increase in pain syndrome and deterioration of the general condition.

“Stone therapy is contraindicated in depression”. Massage with hot stones alone can indeed worsen the course of depression. However, stone therapy using stones of contrasting temperatures, that is, both hot and – necessarily – cold, is indicated for depressive conditions. But be careful, depression should not be accompanied by exhaustion of the nervous system and asthenia.

“Women have a worse tolerance for cold than men”. Rather the opposite, as women have a different distribution of subcutaneous fat. But preferences in this matter are very individual and depend on the time of year, time of day and even mood.

Hot Stone Massage Tips

“Stone massage can be done every day”. If the procedure at our Russian massage center Mirage Spa lasts no more than 30 minutes, only hot stones are used and their temperature does not exceed 50 C, you can have such a massage every day. If the full-fledged stone therapy procedure lasts 60 minutes or more, uses stones with a temperature higher than 50C, or uses both cold and hot stones, the frequency of the procedure should be no more than 2 times a week.

“All stone therapy techniques are not different from each other”. The original techniques necessarily have their own peculiarities, as the representative of the training company usually tells us. They differ in technique, the temperature of the stones, the sequence of work on different areas, the peculiarities of placing stones under the back and on the stomach, and as a result the procedures are completely different in perception. Sometimes it is said that the stone massage is characterized by the fact that the client does not close his eyes during the procedure, but lies with the eyes open and listens to the sensations. This is most likely a feature of the particular technique, as when massaging with hot stones, when they are still only placed under the back, on the front surface of the body and palms at the beginning of the procedure, the client closes his eyes and sinks into a half-slumber.

“Ten stones are enough for a stone therapy treatment”. If using the stones as a pressure and kneading tool, you can get by with 4 pieces. If the purpose is different (see indications for stone therapy) – you will need at least 50 stones of different temperatures and sizes from 1×1 cm to 15×15 cm.

“Stones die from oil”. Apparently, what is meant is the energetic aspect of stone therapy, the notion that each stone carries healing energy that disappears when oil is applied to it. Most likely, this statement has to do with the marketing policy of a company promoting some kind of their massage product (but not the oil). Since ancient times, natural oils have been applied to stones, which was considered a sacrifice to the spirit that lives in the stone.

“Cold stones are the “minus” of the method”. The useful properties of cold have been known for a long time, and they are widely used in medicine. Exposure to cold or contrasting temperatures causes much more changes in the biochemical processes and physiology of the body. than warming. In aesthetic cosmetology, there are indications for the use of cold, but its use must necessarily be comfortable. The combination of “pleasant and useful” turns the use of cold stones from a “minus” to a “plus” of the method.


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