Features and Therapeutic Effect of Lomi Lomi Massage

Features and Therapeutic Effect of Lomi Lomi Massage

The main goal of Lomi-Lomi is for the patient to achieve harmony, to reach a state of complete tranquility. There is a strong correlation between the physical and emotional states of a person.

The original Lomi Lomi massage we present at our spa salon allows:

  1. qualitatively improve blood circulation;
  2. stimulate the lymphatic system;
  3. cleanse the body of toxins;
  4. reduce pain in the muscles;
  5. relieve fatigue and tension;
  6. stimulate the purification of the body at the cellular level;
  7. improve digestion;
  8. relieve asthma attacks;
  9. normalize the metabolic processes;
  10. improve memory.

On the mental level, a special massage helps to move into a state that gives a feeling of:

  1. harmony;
  2. the value of life;
  3. love;
  4. energetic uplift;
  5. awareness and faith in their own strength;
  6. calm acceptance of events.

The state of deep relaxation allows you to find ways that help you get closer to your goal, the fulfillment of your cherished desires.

Indications for The Lomi Lomi Massage

The procedure is recommended for patients suffering from chronic fatigue. Lomi Lomi, which is similar to a shamanic dance will be useful for people who have intestinal problems, suffer from osteochondrosis, sleep disorders. Hawaiian massage will appeal to people who have a chronic lack of love and touch.

Indications for The Lomi Lomi Massage


The massage should not be given to people who:

  • have recently undergone surgery;
  • have acute respiratory viral infections or other infectious diseases;
  • suffer from skin diseases, varicose veins;
  • have on the body burns, wounds, inflammation, bruises.

Do not massage pregnant women, children and the elderly. Lomi Lomi is categorically forbidden in any cancerous diseases.

The Basic Technique of The Lomi Lomi Massage

During the procedure, the masseur affects the salon guest’s body with his fingers and forearms. The movements should be soft and gentle. During the session, the masseur may occasionally touch the patient’s body with sticks, stones, palms, knees, elbows or even feet.

The clients of our Russian massage center reach a state of complete relaxation through the scent of essential oils and the sounds of rhythmic Hawaiian songs. The client may wear underwear or be completely naked. The session lasts for 3 hours. Before the session begins it is necessary to tune in positively. This is done by clearing your head of negative thoughts. There is no need to try to control the process, to confuse following the master’s actions. The patient should be completely relaxed, only in this case it will be possible to enjoy the manipulation. In Hawaiian massage, the sequence of the master’s actions is important. The masseur begins the procedure with the surface of the skin and then moves on to work with the bony apparatus, muscles and joints. First the front surface of the body is deeply worked on, then the patient is turned over onto the stomach. The therapist works on the entire body, avoiding intimate areas. At the end of the session the patient is left in complete silence in order to prolong the state of relaxation.


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