Stamina 11 Gymnastics

Adult Gymnastics – The Killer Workout You Need in Your 30s And Beyond

Do you already feel lethargic in your 30s? Are you looking for some options to considerably increase your fitness level and make you stronger mentally, too? If yes, then superior fitness regimens under the expertise of Stamina 11 Gymnastics in Dubai can be incredibly effective in meeting your objectives convincingly, to a huge extent. You will be training under an expert trainer with a well-structured plan. Gradually, you will witness a jaw-dropping improvement in your stamina and mental faculty. You need to make it a habit in order to maintain the fitness level. Read along to get more information on this topic.

The Specific Benefits

Before moving into the workout tactics, exercises and plans, it is essential to know about the advantages of gymnastics. Besides increasing your core body strength, the gymnastics exercises also markedly improve your level of coordination. Your body invariably becomes much more flexible. You begin to fast develop lithe muscles. The agility of your body increases. The level of confidence in you rises. You become more focused at your work. An added sparkle appears in your personality, impressing every person around. You feel happy from inside, in a youthful spirit.

Basic Moves You Need to Know

It is always a wise thing to start gradually and then pick up the pace in later stages. You should be aware of the fundamental moves that will help you to get accustomed to the rhythm. An expert trainer will make you understand every move by pertinently demonstrating.

Hollow hold

In this move, you need to lie on your back, and then you should be lifting your head and both feet, resembling an arch. When you regularly do this exercise, the core strength of your body is bound to increase by a few notches.


This is, in fact, just the opposite of the hollow hold exercise. Here, you need to lie on your stomach, and then engaging your back, you have to raise your arms and your legs off the surface. This exercise adds strength to your back to a quite considerable extent.


In this exercise, you need to simply raise your both legs and then involve your arms to execute the steps. This is rather an advanced exercise form that you should mandatorily be doing under the guidance of an instructor.

Straddle Stretch

It is yet another excellent exercise that increases the flexibility and overall fitness of your body. You need to sit in a straddle position and then strain your limbs to execute the exercise.

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