4-Hand Massage Features

4-Hand Massage Features

You’ve probably seen or even participated in four-handed playing on the piano. This way of playing makes the sound much stronger and richer, which is why many piano pieces were originally written for four-handed playing. This approach has its stunning effect not only in music, but also in the melody of the human body.

The synchronized movements of the two pairs of hands, when two masters work with one client, work the muscles particularly thoroughly and deeply. Four hands massage Dubai is a kind of mystery, which plunges you into the world of your subtle sensations; it is a very unusual and creative kind of massage.

The massage, which is carried out simultaneously by two masters, has been known for a long time; it has been practiced in the East since ancient times. Historically, it is derived from the Ayurvedic oil massage. During this massage the entire body is gently worked through, except for the stomach area. Special emphasis is placed on working on the joints, spine, neck and lower face.  A 4 hand massage is always performed using oil.

Peculiarities of The 4-Hand Massage

  • Uncommonly vivid and pleasurable sensations during the procedure.
  • The tensions that have been built up over the years disappear and the body takes on a completely new form – a form of freedom and fluidity. The synchronism of movements of two masters creates unity, thanks to the feeling of each other, as well as the effect of doubled attention.
  • During the massage, a person is immersed in an atmosphere of emotional care. The four-handed royal massage relaxes through the perception of the senses and refreshes the overall perception of the world. It helps one get to know oneself from a different perspective and become calmer and more self-confident.

Effects of Four-Hand Massage

Effects of Four-Hand Massage

  • Deeply relaxing, soothing and reassuring to the nervous system;
  • Quickly recovers from stress and prevents illnesses related to constant nervous tension;
  • Strengthens the functions of the immune system and adjusts the body’s self-regulation mechanisms;
  • Relieves muscle and emotional tension, pain in the body. Makes the body more docile, flexible and light;
  • Stimulates the removal of toxins;
  • Helps increase joint mobility;
  • Develops sensuality and sensitivity, releases hidden resources of the body;
  • Gives a state of harmony, increases vitality and improves overall health. Even after one treatment at our nearby massage center you will have a restful sleep and a positive emotional state.

Four Hands Massage and State of Harmony

It has been noticed that the best effect is achieved if a massage with 4 hands is given by a man and a woman, it helps restore the balance of Yin and Yang (female and male) energy channels.

Yin and Yang serve to express light and dark, soft and hard, feminine and masculine principles in nature. If the human body is in a state of balance of Yin and Yang, it is a healthy body. If the balance between these two channels is disturbed, harmony in the body is disturbed as well, which manifests on the psycho-emotional as well as on the physical levels.

A 4-hand massage restores inner harmony and harmonious interaction of the person with the environment.

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